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Finding the right polishing solution for spherical parts is difficult.  Surface Fx was founded on one product line, Spherical Polishing Machines, PERIOD.

Surface Fx designed and sold the first six spindle automated machines in 1998. These machines are still in production today, running two shifts, six days per week. Updates over the years have been introduced, but the machine mechanical platform remains virtually unchanged.

Our company has many machines installed since 1998, sold on the merits of their past performance. Never advertised, but by word of mouth, or through web searches.

Your products to be polished, may be medical, or other industrial application, being made of cobalt chrome, or coated with an exotic material, but Surface Fx has developed a process for virtually any material, or coating.

Current customers include two large orthopaedic device manufacturers, with installations in New Jersey, Tennessee, and Ireland, and runoff testing for a major bearing corporation exceeding their expectations on a hollow aircraft bearing coated with an hybrid material.

All customer information is held as proprietary, and a non disclosure agreement will be mutually signed if requested.